Virgil Donati’s One Day Drumming Intensive

The Groove Warehouse is proud to announce Virgil Donati’s One Day ‘Drumming Intensive’ Clinic to be run on April 3rd 2016.

Many drummers come to mind who’ve had a hand in raising the bar – leading by example with faster chops, innovative use of the instrument, more complex rhythms, more creative phrasing, and in general, inspiring a new generation of drummers. But few have turned as many heads as Virgil Donati.

Virgil’s ‘Drumming Intensive’ will cover many aspects of his innovative and cutting edge skills as a drummer, composer, recording and touring artist, and how all these aspects are expressed every time he sits at the kit. You will gain experience, insight and knowledge in:

  • The 10 Rules Of Practice
  • Drum Theory and Notation
  • Rhythm Science: developing rhythmic intelligence and awareness
  • Creative Expression & Improvisation: using your rhythmic intelligence to be expressive
  • The Tao Of Groove: examine the factors that contribute to developing your feel
  • Hand Work: develop a strategy to multitask, combining hand workouts with rhythmic training
  • Foot Work: how to develop an interesting approach with your double bass drumming
  • Tuning Strategies
  • Includes many notated examples to help you retain the information you receive

There are limited spaces for this amazing event – book early!

Phone Groove Warehouse: (02) 6260 2847 or visit our website for more details:

Virgil Donati's One Day Drumming Intensive

Virgil Donati’s One Day Drumming Intensive

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