Vic Firth Choosing the Right Sticks

Drum Set Sticks

Drum Set Sticks


Using this simple chart of the entire catalog of Vic Firth drumsticks, you can easily find a stick that will feel great to you!

The sticks below are initially sorted by DIAMETER (thinnest to thickest), then by LENGTH (shortest to longest), then by other properties such as:

• TAPER (Short, Medium, Long)
• STICK MATERIAL (Hickory, Maple, Japanese Oak, Persimmon, Carbon Fiber, Sta-Pac®)
• TIP SHAPE (Tear Drop, Barrel, Round, etc)
• TIP MATERIAL (Wood, Nylon, Felt, Metal and Rubber)

If you’d like more information about how all of these options can affect the feel of a pair of sticks, check out our “How to Pick Your Sticks” article HERE!

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