The Grooveline Drum Corps

The GROOVEline Marching Drum Corps

The GROOVEline Marching Drum Corps


The GROOVEline  USA Corps Style Drum-Line

The Grooveline is open to all, participants. The GROOVEline  Drum Corps performs at stadium games such as the Brumbies in 2014, in eisteddfods and concerts alongside the PANtastic Steel Band, and the other GW Performance Ensembles. Each section follows on from the Groove Warehouse’s instruction class sequence further preparing musicians for concert performance. The Grooveline will explore the rich world of compettitivive DCI percussion with an emphasis on the USA Rudimental tradition, improvisation and creative expression. These ensembles will perform on the Groove School’s YAMAHA high tension snare drums, tenors (quints), bass drums and cymbals as well as a traditional keyboard “pit” component. Each term our classes will prepare short musical compositions that will build an inner awareness of rhythm timbre and pulse.

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The GROOVEline marching drum corps  build a significant music experience for musicians. Our classes involve students making and responding to music independently, and collaboratively with their peers fostering deep appreciation while develop their aural skills by identifying rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture in music. Through percussion performance,they explore and use rhythm, pitch, dynamics and expression, form and structure, timbre and texture in music. As they experience music, students draw on music from a range of cultures, times and locations. Students learn how rhythm, pitch and form are used to communicate meaning. They learn about music in and beyond their local community and as they make and respond to music, students explore meaning and interpretation, forms and elements of music. They evaluate the use of elements of music in music they listen to, perform and compose. Students maintain safety in using instruments and technologies and in interaction with others. Their understanding of the roles of artists and audiences builds upon previous bands as students engage with more diverse music. Students will explore dynamics and expression, using aural skills to identify and perform rhythm and pitch patterns, develop technical and expressive skills in singing and playing instruments with understanding of rhythm, pitch and form in a range of pieces, including in music from the community.

All Groove Warehouse staff and faculty are registered with ACT Government for “Working with Vunerable People”. For more information please contact us