Virgil Donati One Day Intensive 2016

Virgil Donati One Day Intensive

April 3rd 2016

Many drummers come to mind who’ve had a hand in raising the bar – leading by example with faster chops, innovative use of the instrument, more complex rhythms, more creative phrasing, and in general, inspiring a new generation of drummers. But few have turned as many heads as Virgil Donati.

Virgil’s ‘Drumming Intensive’  covered many aspects of his innovative and cutting edge skills as a drummer, composer, recording and touring artist, and how all these aspects are expressed every time he sits at the kit. People experienced, insight and knowledge in:

• The 10 Rules Of Practice
• Drum Theory and Notation
• Rhythm Science: developing rhythmic intelligence and awareness
• Creative Expression & Improvisation: using your rhythmic intelligence to be expressive
• The Tao Of Groove: examine the factors that contribute to developing your feel
• Hand Work: develop a strategy to multitask, combining hand workouts with rhythmic training
• Foot Work: how to develop an interesting approach with your double bass drumming
• Tuning Strategies
• Included many notated examples to help you retain the information you receive

Pictures from the day are in the Gallery

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